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Christian Hackathon, 14 App Ideas Demoed

Saw this neat article linked through the #mobmin tag on Twitter (lots of good stuff posted there):

Code for the Kingdom brings a distinctively Silicon Valley angle to Christian tech. Its mentors and judges include a partner at the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz and Google’s head of Android partnerships, alongside more conventional mentors from charities and content companies. Reaching out to “techies, designers, and entrepreneurial starters,” organizers invited participants to “tackle the challenges confronting our society, our churches, and our spiritual lives” with “prayer and technology.” By holding an event, they are convening interest around this vision. By giving away $11,000, they are offering a small number of teams the possibility to start creating their idea.

While some of the ideas for these apps aren’t too far-reaching, there are a few approaches which should be taken and run forward. Take a look at the rest of the report at PBS.org and look into groups such as the Mobile Ministry Forum and WIP Connector who do hackathons and connect to developers, organizations, and opportunities.