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Case Study: Vumi Go Redesign

Vumi Go style tile

Part of the opportunity that mobile has allowed has enabled all kinds of people-groups to be empowered to either create or have access to tools that traditionally were not as available. Depending on the motives of the programs though, several services have come and go, leaving both the designer and the consumer at a disadvantage of maintaining a connection to that service offering. Case studies which look then at the redesign of an application or service tend of be quite helpful therefore. You aren’t just reading a technical trope of the issues and opportunities of design or function, but you are also seeing how the consumer’s preferences factor into the planning, design, and final result.

A recent case study read which follows along this line of thinking was posted at Elezea in reference to the product/service Vumi Go. Take a look at it, and consider the entire scope of the problem and opportunity described.

If you have a case study which should be added to our listings, do get in touch so that we can get that added to the listing.

Should Mobile Ministry Be An API Not A Practice

Upon some of that good Sunday reading, I found myself on a website I’d never been on and reading thru their archives. Of the gems found that made its way into my notebook, a piece was just a simple listing of API resources from some larger media companies. It got me thinking of whether mobile ministry (#mobmin) would be better served as an API rather than a set of resources and practices. If you will, #mobmin as the transaction means to an end, and its documentation as nothing more than how to plug it in.

It sounds technical, but think about it.