The Mobile-Social Connection

When I look at the way MMM has gone about defining mobile ministry, one of the pieces of this definition is looking at the way we look at the connection of mobile to other technologies and behaviors. Now, I can be a bit contentious here and say that there’s a bit more to connecting than social networks and the analytics they inspire. Yet, when we look at much of the activity that people focus on when we get to mobile, its either social, like Facebook, Twtter, or content-pushing  – like the former media mediums of TV and radio.

As such, there’s a connection between mobile and social that does need to be looked at. Some of those connections look at data such as how people are coming to the social website. There’s data that looks at the potential and use of APIs to connect more things on the device. And there’s scores more just waiting to be mined.

I’m glad that there are some people paying attention to some of the data that’s just laying out there to be gleaned. For example, take the perspective of Twitter usage and smartphone adoption that was linked to by Ben Evans and this graphic that looks at Twitter + African smartphone distribution:


There are several more of these linked over at Ben Evans’s websiteMapbox is the producer of these maps.

Given all of the context information that’s available from social networking analytics (for example, ever consider what all is included in a tweet), something like this shouldn’t be too hard to pull off – if you have the developers and data scientists in-house who know how to look at data differently like this.

Are you and your orgs/ministries pulling out data like this? If so, share with us and we can add that to the listing of resources we maintain.