Four Places to Start Building a Mobile Strategy

Always nice to pass through leaders of thought and action in the business community and find avenues of shared interest. One of the latest of these shared interests is in the area of mobile strategy. Mobile strategy, or the behavior and processes used to instigate some kind of activity which uses mobile technologies (devices, services, and/or experiences), is a hot topic. However much we know that mobile can be a part of efforts, we sometimes just find it hard to get a starting step as to what would work. Thankfully, its not all that hard to figure out some of these. The folks over at the Harvard Business Review have recently posted on the topic, and here are four of their ideas for a starting point for mobile strategy:

  1. Use the power of mobile-at-retail and re-think the impulse purchase‚Ä®
  2. Get in on the ground floor of mobile video
  3. Amplify TV spend through integration
  4. Monetize mobile media‚Ä®

Now, you’d need to go to the article to read in detail how these would come into play for developing a mobile strategy. Its only right to say that these found might not be the four you’d choose if you are also thinking in the framework of a mobile ministry context.

What might be four areas that you’d choose in terms of creating a mobile ministry strategy? How would any of them differ from what HBR has posted? How might you leverage some of the same lessons from the items HBR has posted for crafting your strategy?