Mobile Evangelism at Renew Outreach

Its always a joy when other ministries jump into the area of mobile ministry and begin to take their unique content or audiences and do something familiar and different at the same time. One of the most recent examples of this comes from our friends at Renew Outreach. As you might recall, about a year ago, we interviewed the founder/president of Renew (David Palusky), and now we are seeing some of outgrowth of parts of that conversation that were not covered on-camera.

What now appears on the Renew Outreach website is a section dedicated to the topic of mobile evangelism. Besides the previously linked video, there’s also a decent explanation towards the methods used in mobile evangelism. Here’s a snippet from that page towards what this section is aiming to do:

Currently, there are around six billion mobile phones (cellphones) worldwide. Most of these devices are capable of playing audio and video files that tell the Gospel story. Renew World Outreach has created these training videos to empower mobile evangelists so that they can make use of the three main tools for distributing Gospel content – such as audio Bibles or the Jesus Film – to mobile phones in rural areas. To begin the video training series, start with the Bluetooth Intro video…

Renew is also good friends with the folks over at the Kiosk Evangelism Project and so its not too surprising to see some of the same methods and tactics used here in order to share the faith and extend the viability of content production efforts.

For more information, in addition to utilizing the mobile evangelism efforts for your own teams, visit the Mobile Evangelism section at Renew Outreach. If you, or someone you know, is involved with missions to the literal ends of the earth – areas where we are just beginning to explore – then I’d recommend Renew Outreach’s expertise here as well – they specialize in audio, video, and solar technologies that speak to the conditions faced at the edge.