Resolutions for 2013

I think that the resolutions that we did last year were excellent in keeping a lot of the content focused here. That’s not to say that the frequency of content was not sometimes overwhelming. But, it does speak to the fact that there was a focus and a reason for why content exists here. I think we’ve covered well the implications of those resolutions. So, what’s left in mobile ministry to poke towards

A few resolutions for 2013:

  1. Explain, emphasize, and demonstrate the theological underpinnings to mobile ministry
  2. Detail and expand on knowledge of Non-English Language/Cultural expressions of mobile ministry
  3. Increase number of and collaboration with ministry partners
  4. Refine and release v2 of the Mobile Ministry Methodology
  5. Embed Mobile, Not Mobile As Layer

There is a statement that’s accredited to the hockey great Wayne Gretzky, and in a lot of respects, points to how resolutions like these (and even your own) should be viewed:

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.

The puck is mobile, and there are several players making a decent game out of what’s going on. I don’t see the puck in the same way as others do, and at the same time, what I’ve seen is in part played by others for positive and negative reasons.

I’m looking at these resolutions in part as a means to be a part of that aspect of pushing things forward in mobile ministry. Certainly, some of what is said here is caught and becomes seed or ground for other’s efforts. At the same time, this magazine started off and continues with a perspective not of going where folks are, but pointing to where they will be. In 2004, we were already in hand with PDAs and smartphones, and by 2006 we were already doing the majority of the work on this site on a mobile device. Its been very long beyond current mobility that MMM has walked. The goal in these resolutions is for that to continue… even if that means an irrelevance to MMM compared to the voices and actions of others.

Stay tuned for a further explanation of these resolutions, and how we plan on following through with them – as well as the monthly look back on progress towards these.