Scripture Earth

Scripture Earth screenshotScripture Earth is a web portal for text, video, and audio Bible resources in many languages, specifically having a unique listing of resources in non-trade languages which are many times harder to come by. Resources are sorted first by country, then by language. After clicking on the language, a page noting the available content for that language is displayed.

Most of the resources on Scripture Earth are best compatible with feature phones and older smartphones (PalmOS, Windows Mobile, older BlackBerry, etc.). Many of these files are in ZIP archives, so you either need a mobile which has a built-in unzipping application (for example, Nokia Symbian devices have this feature), or download an application to do this (for BlackBerry, Android, and PalmOS devices), or unzip on a laptop/desktop, then transfer the files by connecting a memory card or the mobile device via cable to the larger computer. It is best to follow the methodology of the mobile device when placing these files on the memory card/device (for example, music files into the Audio or Sounds folder; videos into the Video or DCIM folder, images into the Images or DCIM folder).

For more information, and to begin downloading these freely-provided resources to your mobile devices, visit Scripture Earth. View other resources, applications, and device downloads on our Bible and Religious Apps page.

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