Introduction to Mobile Ministry by Cybermissions

For some of you looking to learn more about mobile ministry so that you skillfully apply some of the approaches and perspectives put forth here, you might want to look into enrolling into the Mobile Ministry Training Course offered by Cybermissions. This 4-week course is designed to introduce you to the uses of mobile technology platforms for Christian ministry. Here’s what the four weeks of courses look like:

Week 1: Overview
Theory: Overview of Mobile Ministry & Its Potential
Practical: Student is introduced to the various main types of mobile phones, and mobile delivery platforms, and their potential for sharing the gospel in various nations.

Week 2: Evangelism
Theory: Mobile Evangelism and Follow-Up
Practice: SMS gateways, use of “text”, mobile messaging, bible apps, evangelistic uses, blended uses e.g using mobile to follow-up after a crusade evangelism event.

Week 3: Training & Discipleship (Low Bandwidth)
Theory: Oral Learners, Storying and Mobile, Reaching The Last The Least and the Lost
Practice: Audio & Video for Mobiles, parameters, file conversion, creating audio and video content, repositories, how to upload, how to distribute audio & video content and how to use these technologies in training situations.

Week 4: Training & Discipleship (High Bandwidth)
Theory: Various kinds of apps and operating systems and application development frameworks, constraints for small .Mobi websites, learn about tablets, e-readers and format conversion software
Practice: Create an Android app and a small .Mobi website to host it. Learn how to convert some content for e-readers.

With that kind of schedule, it makes for a comprehensive and fuller understanding of mobile ministry and it’s various spokes.

For more information, including course pricing and schedule, visit the Cybermissions Mobile Ministry Training Course website.