A Perspecive Different Than What’s Found in California or NY

Its easy to pine for different and insightful observations and activities in tech, it’s another thing to identify the primary narratives and then go out and make something distinct. I felt that was why it was better to plant and do MMM from Charlotte, NC and the Bible belt rather than aim first for tech centers and then build in faith’s direction from there. More would have been possible, but perhaps as Dave Winer points out ever so nicely here, perhaps it wouldnt have sounded much different than the Cali/NY narratives that push much of media’s directions now:

…I’m still looking for a home that wants to begin at at different place. That we accept competition, embrace it, as a way to keep us on our toes, and to keep the flow of ideas strong. To keep Moore’s Law thriving not just in hardware, but in software, networking, humanity. Instead we’ve got a culture that divides us up into smaller and smaller tranches, and sells us to Wall Street, for our ability to read ads, not our ability to solve problems. My point of view is this — I make tools for people who are really smart and motivated. I make the tools then I get out of the way and I learn from them, learn how to make those tools better, and learn which new ones need to be made. I get paid a fraction of the money my customers make using my tools. This incentivizes me to make more. My customers are Nobel Laureates. They cure diseases. Solve crises. Lead our culture. They are anything but hamsters. 

New York and California tech interfere with that process. Their model is still hopelessly rooted in the 20th century industrial model, of media and entertainment. Elite inventors, stars, personalities with millions of followers and passive consumers clicking on Like buttons. Very little crossover (though there is some, like Kickstarter)…

Read the rest of New York Tech at Scripting News… then go cut a road somewhere new or make a distinct sound worth following.

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