Stop and Reflect as the Friend of Instant

Today is the day after Easter/Resurrection Sunday. Many businesses opt for this as the day off to observe the holiday and to allow for their workers/participants to get a bit of time to stop and reflect after the last many weeks of activity (especially if you have been observing Lent, alongside the rest of the seasons’ concerns – taxes, spring breaks, etc.).

In the midst of this, we’d like to kind of remind you that stopping and reflecting shouldn’t be the opposite of the instant communications and technologies that you have in your hands right now. Surely, there are statistics and commentaries aplenty which describe how we’ve let the speed and access to faster and more targeted communications tear away at our ability to reflect, rest, and demonstrate a keener awareness of concern for one another.

If anything, let the below graphic be a reminder of that point. You don’t have to go so fast, but you do need to stop in order to see a life that’s risen (click on graphic to see entire graphic [clipped], in new window):

Instant America

~via Instant Gratification of America