story4all – Heart Languages and Faith by Ears

story4all (logo)Last week, we spent some time with Renew Outreach talking about missions in remote areas, literacy, and how mobile is making its way into these very unlikely environments profitably for the Gospel (we’ve got a bit about those folks coming). One of the groups tossed out during one of several conversations was story4all, a podcast-based Christian media group which uses audio streams in the heart/native language of those being preached, spoken to.

A bit more about them from their website:

…We believe deeply that the Message Jesus delivered was not only brought by Him “wearing our skin” (becoming like us and embodying the Message), but it came in a style best understood by His audience, and in a language of the heart.

It has been estimated that only 8% of people living in Israel during Jesus’ time on earth were literate. However, He came and taught everyone (literate Pharisees, etc., as well as the mostly non-literate populace) through the medium of stories. Mark chapter 4 says “He was never without a story when He spoke”. Jesus saw fit to deliver truths to the literate and non-literate alike through the medium of stories. He demonstrated through this that to be effective and to promote recall in the minds of those who hear, most of our communication should be housed in stories.

Ironically, 90% of all Christian ministry today occurs through literate communication styles…

For those of you who’s mobile and ministry pursuits need to start with audio stories (not visual stories), story4all seems like a great place for connection and content. Check out their website and subscribe to their podcast RSS, iTunes). You might find that the heart language they speak, also ressonates with the faith that you aim to share with others.