Opportunities in Mobile Ministry Viewed in Communting

I mentioned in a post some time ago that when we look at this framework of mobile in ministry, a lot of times we are looking at mobile as some kind of “in motion” concept when the truth is that there’s a bit more about mobility that we should consider before and while setting up these stoplights at the intersection of faith and mobile tech. Question is, how do we spot those opportunities, and then what do we do when we do see them?

A recent report from the New Cities Foundation (PDF, via Frog Design) took a look at the idea of connected communiting – whether the presense of and behavior of using connected applications/services added to or took away from the experience of commuting. And we already know that there’s some kind of usefulness to apps/services when we are in these commuting spaces. But we do have to be mindful that just because someone is commuting that mobile isn’t exactly the context.

The report aimed to inform the direction of a task force that would implement some of these changes (if needed) and pretty much set a baseline towards informing and guiding future developments for San Jose and other communities looking at this in California. If we look at such a report, then there should be some obvious areas where ministries looking to break into relevant mobility can do some neat stuff right?

I can already think of a few items that would make a lot of sense here: ride-share locators, or even a ride-share group messaging service. 1-on-1 bible study on the bus (one device is the host and the other is a participant, connected/synced thru Bluetooth). How many churches have connected their church calendar to services like Foursquare so that when folks are in transit, they can get a push notification about events nearby and make those random trip adjustments? Think ouside of text, audio, and downloads, but inside of living it out.

I only bring this to light because there are many who write in or ask questions at presentations about where to get started with mobile ministry. Its not really that hard. You just have to put yourself near the traffic and spot where it makes sense that applications of the Gospel in mobile makes sense. From there, well, we can travel a whole lot of places or at least understand the impliciations of what happens when we don’t move there.