A Tech “Call to Arms” at ChurchTechy

Over at ChuchTechy, there’s a post talking about something very much in the line of thinking of John 17:20-27 – unity of the brethren so that the works done points back to the Father. Its really neat, here’s a snippet:

A desire to serve the smaller Church, charity, non-profit, small business and others whom don’t have access to dedicated and / or regular support – be that via volunteer or paid basis. To see this be a vehicle to serve the Church and community so that God’s love may be seen by our actions. To see this be a vehicle that will draw together those from different backgrounds; denominations; race; creed; upbringing; etc. To see this work so that the local Church may better fulfill its own destiny.

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We’ve been a part of initiatives like this in the past. A few of the earlier ones fizzled away, which a few others have turned into some globally-reaching moments. This seems like a great opportunity to take something again at the ground level and see it rise up into something beneficial at the level of local churches.

If it ressonates with you and your efforts, jump in on this and be a part of something that should benefit a number of local communities.