The Personalized, Video-Driven Church App

Summer Coffee Outing - Share on OviSparked from overhearing a conversation while at a coffeeshop in Charlotte, I recently tweeted an idea about a mobile application for members of a church/organization which leverages the conversation and the mobile device to make that push (“sales pitch”). Here’s what I tweeted collected into one quote:

2 guys chatting beside me, 1 pulled out mobile to show video of services to other. 2min vid. Can your church’s mobile app be like that?

The video was of a specific service offering. So mobile church app needs to cache several small vids of relevant activities… but also needs the person to do a call to action. Can’t rely on video/mobile app only. And can’t be a generic video; needs to pinpoint context of conversation. Wondering if onboard mobile vid editing apps can help there?

If you will, create video on device, small edit, then adds to church app (but not uploaded to church server, still needs accountability). So then everyone has church (branded) app, but unique to their network content.

There are some holes here, but this is something that could certainly work for many churches/organizations that rely on word-of-mouth connecting. What are your thoughts?

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