SaferMobile Lockdown Guides for Mobile Devices

An area where I’ve been more lax than I should be has been in the area of securing my mobile device. Yes, I use the text-to-reset feature on my Symbian devices (built-in feature), but rarely do I do much of anything as a regular practice until me or someone near me has a major issue.

Thankfully, I’ve started to remedy that – beginning with some of the strategies talked about during the Risk Assessment session at ICCM. Here’s something else that made me think of my device on this angle and then take proactive security steps.

The SaferMobile Lockdown Guides for Mobile Devices is basically a collection of simple tips for how to secure your mobile device. The SaferMobile Wiki lists the guides available so far. Even if there’s not a guide for your specific device, your platform might be represented.

This is a service offered by the good folks over at If you’ve got any recommendations on how they can improve these guides, contact them.