WapReview Reports from The Muther of All Hackathons

The Muther of All Hackathons by WIP imageWhile we weren’t able to be at The Muther of All Hackathons due to a client commitment, we definitely supported the effort by WIP Connector and the many companies and developers who participated. Thankfully, WapReview was there and wrote up a report able to fill us in towards what happened at this 24 hour marathon. Here’s a snippet from their report:

At noon on Friday the main event kicked off with the hackathon participants spreading themselves out over the spacious second floor of the Computer History Museum. Developers could work alone or in teams of up to four. The organizers and sponsors kept everyone fueled with frequent  and plentiful drops of food and beverages. Expert tables manned by sponsors provided one on one help for thoese who were coding while master classes continued though out the afternoon for non-hacking attendees.

Read the rest of the report at WapReview.

Some innovative and interesting applications came out of The Muther. The overall winner, Colin Karpfinger and Ronald Mannak, created an application/game called Air Guitar Move which turns your iPhone into a working electric guitar. Other impressive winners/entrants included a seventh grader who created which tracks your energy use and then reports the savings in terms of the number of Starbuck’s Lattes or X-Box 360s you could buy with the energy you saved (called Electrify!). Another, Yosun Chang’s Tap Shake Messenger, created an application which enables the sending and receiving/reading of SMS using haptic Braille.

A hearty congrats to those who competed in The Muther and looking forward to more from all of those who participated.

Disclaimer: Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) served as a marketing partner to WIP for this event; we received some passes to give away towards this event.