A Story from the Field

This is a story sent to us from the mission field. The details are true, but names and physical details have been changed.

All, though, is not great and glorious.  Satan has never given up his ground without a fight and following Jesus on the path of the cross is still too often forced upon His followers even today. This last week we received word about “Anna”, a young woman who had fallen in love with Jesus and was following His ways. Anna was actively sharing about Him with friends and other women in her area by playing various songs, poetry and videos for them on her mobile phone and sending those materials on to those who were interested via Bluetooth phone-to-phone transmission.

Anna was killed last week by her brother at the direction of her father. Anna had been told her following Jesus had brought shame upon the family and was given the opportunity to stop loving Jesus and stop following Him, but Jesus was a more precious treasure to her than life itself. [Praise the Lord] she now rests in the embrace of her eternal Father knowing closer fellowship with Jesus than she ever experienced on earth. Pray for the other believers whose safety is still threatened, for her family who now, more than ever, need the forgiveness that can only be found in Christ. Pray for us as we seek to find lessons that God would have for us from what has happened. 

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