Daily Digital Disciples

Digital Disciples logoOne of the ventures that we’ve have been excited to participate in through MMM has been Digital Disciples. Digital Disciples is a monthly (offline) meetup and online connection of believers in small geographical areas around the world. This year, Gabe Taviano is starting an aspect of Digital Disciples called the Daily Digital Disciple – and I (Antoine) was the first person profiled for this series that will span the entire year of a new person being profiled each day.

Here’s a snippet:

What makes you a Digital Disciple?
A disciple is a person set on learning and following someone else, I regard myself as one because of how I’m focused on following Christ, but not leaving the lesson with me. Each one teach one, and always pay it forward.

Its just a small interview, but gives you a bit of insight towards how we can live out this intersection of faith and technology. And of course, through Digital Disciples, we get a chance to connect with others.

Several others have been profiled, and you can be added to the list as well. Check out the Digital Disciples website for more information and to see others around the world whom share in this intersection.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Digital Disciple’s meetup in the coming month for those in the Charlotte metro-area.