GM2:8 Audio and Video Gospel Tracts

A new mobile application has jumped up on the radar called GM2:8 and it is an audio and video reader that displays Gospel tracts.

MMM was also graced to have a few questions answered by GM2:8. The following was answered by Ray from the GM2:8 effort.

MMM: Can you describe GM28 in two sentences? GM2:8: This is a down-loadable iPod application that can be used to share the gospel with someone who doesn’t speak your language. Anyone can share the gospel with the GM28–it takes no skill at all.

MMM: Is there a cost to using GM28 beyond getting online to download the application or the language files?
GM2:8: The application is completely free.

MMM: Are there plans to release GM28 in other languages or for other mobile platforms?
GM2:8: I would love to release it in other languages, as finances permit us to do so.

MMM: There are only Gospel Tracks available; was licensing a reason for not being able to do Biblical texts as well?
GM2:8: I didn’t consider doing biblical texts, but that is a great idea.

MMM: Can you tell a bit of the history behind the project?
GM2:8: I wanted to witness to the Hispanic driver as I got into a taxi to go the Los Angeles airport, so I said, “Do you speak English?” He answered, “No. Do you speak Spanish?” I only know two words in Spanish–“bueno” and “pronto,” so I replied, “All I know is bueno and pronto.” At hearing those tow words he slammed his foot on the gas and drove at break-neck speed all the way to the airport. I had replied “Good. Fast!” Needless to say, I didn’t get to witness to him, a continual frustration I have had many times over the years with those who don’t speak English. So I began to seriously consider how modern technology could help me overcome the language barrier. After months of experimentation, I came up with the GM28. It solved the problem. It really works.

So there you have it. Another mobile application that assists the proactive believer in Evangelical efforts by answering the problems of language, access, and interactivity that we many times see in these contexts.

To learn more, visit the GM2:8 and 100 Languages websites.

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