Movirtu: Access Isn’t a Limitation But an Opportunity

Nokia 1100 via MMMStories like this I like. CNN Labs recently interviewed Nigel Waller of Movirtu on their premise of creating and releasing a $5 mobile phone that is activated for only “10 or 20 cents”.

Their target is the 1-3 billion people in the world who can’t afford access to mobile communication devices and services because even at their cheapest, they are still nearly a year’s salary for many. And so, Movirtu designed their service model around the opportunity that could be found in granting access. A flip of the way we normally think, but totally meeting communities where they are.

So much about mobile is about granting access. And many projects meet their stopping points where finances and resources come in. But, if like Movirtu, we can activate some of those creative energies, how do we then turn gaps like access into opportunities – especially in the case of mobile/web where something fruitful is really just a flip of the bit away?