Lausanne Evangelical Congress 2010 and Charlotte Global Sites Update

Google Map image of Global Link sites participating with the 3rd Lausanne Evangelical Congress 2010 Hopefully, you are aware and have been paying attention to the sessions and active conversations surrounding the 3rd Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism which is going on right now in Cape Town, South Africa. There has been a lot going on, and in just paying attention to #capetown2010 on Twitter, you can get a sense of some of the impact being felt.

Probably the most amazing thing about that small window into Cape Town is that most of the people there aren’t on a social network, and most aren’t speaking English. There’s a ton of information coming out about Lausanne that is a treasure chest if you are proficient in several world languages.

Global Link and Global Sites
Not everyone is able to make a trip to South Africa (beyond political reasons). In the past, this was a major issue. Today, we can use the abilities of text, audio, and video to connect with our brothers and sisters who are there participating, and before they come with personal accounts, we can receive some of the content they too are looking at via Global Link.

We talked about before on how you can connect over Twitter/Facebook, but the Global Link site is an even more effective connection point. You can even take a look at all of the Global Sites around the world which are essentially sponsoring “3rd Congress Snippets” on site. These snippets include audio and/or video, with some breakout sessions. We defintiely encourage you to not just take a look at the site, but connect with your other brothers/sisters in the faith in these sessions.

Charlotte Global Sites
For those who are in the Charlotte area, here’s information regarding the Global Site sessions happening in this area:

Westminster Presbyterian Church
(101 Colville Road, Charlotte, 28207)
The afternoon is divided into three segments, each lasting about 75 minutes where we will experience, via Globalink, a sampling of the Cape Town Congress.

Carmel Baptist Church
(1145 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Matthews, NC 28105)
The afternoon is divided into segments where we will experience, via Globalink, a sampling of the Cape Town Congress.

As new events in and around Charlotte are added, we’ll be sure to let you know (primarily via Twitter). If you are part of the MMM audience outside of the Charlotte area, and are in knowledge of or conducting a Global Link session, send us a Google Calendar invite (mobileministrymagazine at gmail) so that we can note that on our public calendar and assist with any publication of this event meant to keep the Body connected to one another for the glory of our Lord.

For more information about the 3rd Lausanne Congress, connect via their website, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • Some really good conversations and videos over at the Lausanne Conversations website as well:

  • This was sent to MMM not long after this post went live

    Cyber Attack Hits Global Church Gathering

    Malicious hits from multiple locations crash system

    SOUTH AFRICA 20 OCTOBER 2010 Organizers of Cape Town 2010, the widest gathering of Christians in the history of the Church, today announced that their internet communication to the outside world had been hacked. ‘We have 700 GlobaLink sites in 95 countries extending the Congress to 100,000 people’, said Victor Nakah, GlobaLink Chair for the Congress. ‘Finally, after two rough days, they are being served as planned.’

    The sophisticated computer network developed for sharing Congress content with the world was compromised for the first two days of the Congress. ‘We have tracked malicious attacks by millions of external hits coming from several locations’, said Joseph Vijayam, IT Chair of The Lausanne Movement, sponsor of the gathering. ‘Added to this was a virus brought into the centre on a mobile phone.’

    Asked if he could confirm where the hacking came from, he replied, ‘We have a pretty strong indication, but one can never be absolutely certain, so we prefer not to share our suspicions.’

    The Congress has drawn carefully-selected participants from 198 nations representing many of the best minds and the most courageous practitioners in the Church. Joseph Vijayam explained that two cousins from Bangalore had largely been responsible for solving the difficulties, due to their unique expertise in the exact problems the Congress was experiencing. Vijay Kumar, an employee of Unisys Global Services, and Daniel Singh, a pastor with a doctorate in computational biology, came forward to help when they learned of the situation. They had come to the Congress as volunteers to help hook up printers and other basic IT tasks. ‘I believe God in his sovereignty brought them to us,’ Mr Vijayam said.
    Thank you for your prayers. We all know that any work of God will be opposed and are so grateful to have brothers and sisters in Christ standing with us in this endeavor!

    In His Name,

    Larry Russell
    Associate Director, Cape Town 2010