Content, Collaboration, and Mobile Ministry Case Studies

Update: You can now submit your case studies and research articles using this form.

MMM has been going on for over 5 years. In that time, the point of the posted content was simply to be available. Mobile was too young and there were too many unanswerable questions for content to serve a purpose any more than that. Having been in this position for a while, and several others having stepped up in various aspects towards creating content, what needs to happen at MMM is a lot different than where it traditionally has been.

There are seven (7) content categories at here at MMM:

  • Mobile web trends
  • SMS/MMS Engagement Strategies
  • Mobiles in Education
  • Languages/Language Resource Development
  • Future Tech and Impacts
  • Devices, Software, and User Interfaces
  • Accessibility and Access

It is within these areas that MMM’s content is now designed around. As a general rule, I’m posing on one (1) of these items and doing so once a day – to ensure that it generates the kind of discussion and reflection befitting a magazine (moreso than just a blog).

All of these areas are fit for the submission of resource materials and the development of content/best practices which would fit the need for those persons looking for resources or examples of execution.

Therefore, the process of submitting/publishing of content is as follows:

  • Person contact’s MMM (via contact form or Twitter) that they have a content idea; discussions around the idea take place (whether it fits MMM’s model or not)
  • If accepted, the person shares (via Google Docs, Google Wave, or similar) or emails the content so that it can be reviewed and edited (if needed)
  • Content is placed in the publishing queue and the submitter is notified when this item posts to the Mobile Ministry Case Studies page
  • If this item is a downloadable – the use of document sharing entities such as SlideShare or Scribd are recommended.
  • If this item is an analyst report, the user and MMM can opt to negotiate making this item a paid (PayPal) downloadable (details on this to come later and will be detailed on the consulting and training services page
  • Marketing of the content is shared between MMM and the content submitter

In this way, the content sees a healthy set of eyes before it is published, and also there’s accountability throughout the process, ensuring that these items are published.

It may be the case that you have the data, but not the time to create the report. For this, negotiating with MMM the best way to create and publish the content is advised as this is a paid service.

Please know that I’d really like to get more voices and content on MMM. For 5 years it really has been mainly my voice. And while God has blessed me with a lot of writing and perspective over the years, there’s no way that I can capture or spark the discussion towards everything that’s happening. Given that MMM is in my hands in a longer-term mode, I owe it to the Body to be available, and use what He’s given me to bless your efforts.

So if this works not just in terms of building content, but making something of strategic value for you or your missional agents/clients, let’s chat. Thanks for your time, and your prayers. Let’s engage folks with a mobile lens and give em Christ 🙂

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