Agapage: Internal Church/Org Paging

Some of the better uses and applications of IT tends to come when someone is motivated by a need, has a talent, and is resource constrained. In a recent post at Church Crunch, Jared Folkins talks about his church’s need for additional pagers for their children’s ministry, and how (through prayer and association) he was able to not only develop Agapage for his church, but release the code so that other ministries could use the concept and extend upon it as needed.

Please note: Agapage is donation-compensated. So, if you do choose to use and implement this, do compensate the developer and designer for their work. Also, its provided as-is, meaning that there’s no support for this other than your own internal IT folks. Unless this item changes its licensing structure, and/or is loaded to a community driven code/application repository such as SourceForge or Code.Google, there’s a good chance that it will not see more development than its original intent.

  • Thanks a lot! Two things I wanted to add.

    1) Mike and I are actively working on and enhancing Agapage. We have some very cool stuff planned for the future.

    2) We also support it pretty darn well 🙂 and foresee an active, viable community that works together to teach and problem solve.

    I guess what I am trying to say, is that we are just getting started!

    -thanks again

  • Hey Jared; thank you for visiting MMM. That’s a great story, and an impressive product you have there. Glad to help some of the good noise happening around your community. Feel free to drop a note on any major updates that happen (am tuned into you via Twitter as well). Blessings to your team and community.