Updates from Internet Evangelism Day

Here are some updates from the folks over at Internet Evangelism Day:

Church Website Opportunities

‘Desperately Seeking Lodgers’ is a new short parable from Internet Evangelism Day, highlighting the need for church websites to be people-oriented. ‘”We need more lodgers,” said Maria Silversmith to her husband Milo one evening…’


Campaign for Prominent URLs

Internet Evangelism Day has initiated CPU – the ‘Campaign for Prominent URLs’, to encourage churches to display their website URL in large readable letters, so that passing motorists can easily see it.


The Church Website Design Questionnaire

The Church Website Design Questionnaire has become a valued tool for many churches. It provides a custom report, based on the answers a church webmaster enters online, suggesting ways to make the church site more attractive and user-friendly to outsiders.


Popular Culture – A Forgotten Gift

Internet Evangelism Day suggests that Christians do not often use a God-given evangelistic starting point – popular culture. “Suppose God sent you a letter. And in it, He offered you a gift – a simple evangelistic approach similar to the parables that Jesus used. Something that would engage with people’s interests, and employ a common language and experience. Would you want to use it?”


Online Training for Digital Ministry

Internet Evangelism Day lists a range of new resources to help Christians learn more about online ministry:


Speakers Available for Conferences

If you need a speaker about any aspect of digital evangelism for a conference, fraternal, staff consultation or Bible College, you can now request a speaker from Internet Evangelism Day’s panel of experts, available in a number of countries around the world. When traveling distance is a problem, most are also available to linkup via a Skype or telephone conference session.


Using Contact Cards for Outreach

Contact cards are an often-overlooked way to enhance a face-to-face interaction. As well as carrying your personal information, a card can invite people to visit a church website, and/or some recommended outreach sites that explain the Gospel clearly to outsiders. Internet Evangelism Day has a webpage explaining strategies for using contact cards, with a guide about using online design and print services to make your own cards quickly and easily. Pricing for 250 cards can be remarkably cheap – only a few pennies or cents each.


Advance Notice of Internet Evangelism Day 2010

Internet Evangelism Day, the annual web-ministry focus day for churches, is set for April 25 2010. To mark the day, churches can create a short program, using free downloads from the IE Day site: Powerpoint, video clips, handouts and music, to investigate and showcase the huge potential for outreach using the Web.


For these and other information from Internet Evangelism Day check out their blog.