Idolizing Technology over Spiritual Development

A very simple commandment simply states: …have no other gods before Me (Deut 5:7-10). And given the Person that said it, one would think that we’d at least have that part down when it comes to mobile and web technology. But we don’t.

Hence this simple reminder to make sure that you are taking active – not passive – steps towards making sure that you are not putting technology and its uses over your/your family’s/your church’s spiritual development. Some of these active steps include:

  • Having at least one section of your day where technology is put out of your physical presence to talk to God and your family face-to-face if possible;
  • Placing and enforcing boundaries on tech use (for example: no laptops or smartphones in bed after dinner time);
  • Teaching about accountability in tech with your children, mentees, and disciples and what that looks like in a healthly, spirit-filled lifestyle;
  • and, putting away those pieces of technology that you continue to grapple with long-standing sins/vices with, then seeking godly council towards healing your heard, heart, body, and spirit.

I’m accuetly aware of the challenges that many of us have in this area. But I don’t want you to get into a position where you feel that you have no other choice but the tech in front of you. Take God at his word and ask for (then walk out on) wisdom and understanding in this arena.

If you are a parent and looking for a way to talk to your kids about this, check out our Parents and Mobile Kids series which dives into this a bit more. Yes, technology moves fast, and its sometimes harder to see the idols when you are dealing with your own, but this series is designed to help you engage that conversation with your families.

Above all don’t allow anything to take away your eyes and heart from the God who redeemed you. Of all the things you can do in thanks, being mature in your use of tech is one big one.