Painfully Hopeful Compares Olive Tree Reader 5 and Accordance

screenshot of Accordance for iPhoneWes Allen, who penned the post Technological Contemplatives, has written up an excellent comparison of Olive Tree and Accordance’s mobile applications. Here’s a snippet:

I’ve been an Olive Tree user since 2001 when I picked up an iPaq as a seminary graduation present. By the time I’d moved from Palm and on to iOS I had collected quite a library for my personal study. In fact, after Seminary I rarely carried a print Bible with me! When Olive Tree moved to iOS I became a beta tester and was instantly impressed, they also allowed me access to some resources I would have not been able to acquire otherwise – for which I’m grateful. I was so glad to see the progress that Olive Tree has made in version 5 of their iOS reader, that I purchased their $.99 version, rather than wait for the free edition to be released. Yes it’s only a dollar, but I wanted to show my support.

I’ve been an Accordance users for just about 2 years, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Their library and resources are a joy to use, and I’ve had a lot of fun incorporating many of their tools into my preaching and teaching. I’ve invested heavily in Accordance, and it’s not disappointed me.

Read the rest of this comparison review at Painfully Hopeful. And then download Olive Tree, Accordance, or any other Bible application to extend your ability to read and study nearly anywhere.