Digital Natives or Digitally Naive

The terms┬ádigital native and digital immigrant can be a bit of lighting rod. We’ve talked about it several times over the years, and have grown to treat it with a bit more sensitivity towards its imaginations and realities. What I’ve liked best about the discussion has been what difference in opinions and applications come via […]

Digital Natives: 10 Years Later

Now these are the kinds of reads that I most enjoy for weekend reflection. Besides already agreeing with the premise that there is no such thing as a digital native/immigrant except in a very specifically defined social and economic class, there’s just the beauty of constantly having this discussion continue as we figure out what […]

Digital As Default

Church Web Strategies is a website poking at the digital methods churches can use to improve sharing the Gospel online recently posed the posture of a church that goes digital by default. They posted four methods that can be taken forward: Announcements Bulletins Prayer Requests Feedback/Questionnaires Music Sharing Read the rest of Be A Digital […]

May is Digital Outreach Month

News Release: “You have an incredible gift at your fingertips – literally. Your keyboard,” says the team at Internet Evangelism Day. They claim there is growing potential to share the good news online in a variety of ways. Christians can investigate these options during May, which has been designated Digital Outreach Month. At its center […]

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Parenting in the Digital Age

Is parenting is the most apparent form of discipleship? There always seems to be lessons each generation learns that the previous didn’t have. Such is the case these days with the use of digital technologies and how parents (who might not be so native to aspects of digital living) and their kids (who also might […]

CCM: Exciting Times for Digital Bible Study

Great article over at┬áChristian Computing Magazine (CCM) talking about Digital Bible Studying and how its evolved with now a near-digital/mobile-native approach that’s able to be taken towards Bible studying. Here’s a snippet: …It is truly a great time to be a student of God’s word. If you use a computer, smart phone, or book reader, […]

Catching Up with the Carnival of the Mobilists

I always find a gem or two within the Carnival of the Mobilists, even if there are those moments when I’m not able to keep up with the weekly postings. Over the past two weeks, the Carnival has had plenty to choose from in terms of relevant articles which create some avenues for thought and […]

[Review] From the Garden to the City – Chapter 8: Mediums

A few months back, I threw MMM’s hat into the running as a participant for the blog-tour/review of John Dyer’s From the Garden to the City with Church Mag. What I didn’t expect was the chapter that we’d land on Mediums (Chapter 8 ) and how appropriate and challenging it is that MMM gets to […]

What Ministry Context Are You Teaching Towards?

This has to be one of the more honest videos that I’ve seen recently. For those who might not have looked at it yet, its the video of a 1 year old child as they are playing with an iPad and then a magazine. The interesting – and probably distressing to some – aspect of […]